Hi, I’m Kaymi and welcome to my blog page! So, a little about myself…I’m currently a sophomore at a Lutheran college majoring in nursing. I was baptized Methodist and my family went to church only a handful of times per year. When I was younger, I always believed in God and believed the cliché often used, “everything happens for a reason.” I went through a stage when I went to church every Sunday with my brother and was very strong in my faith. After my brother left for college and some change of events in my life, my faith began to stray. As I’ve grown older, I can’t help but question my faith more and more.

I welcome all who want to follow my blog and journey with me as I find my religious identity. Feel free to comment, I am open for discussion. If you’re struggling with your religious identity, I hope you find this blog helpful if not just enjoyable to read. With that said, enjoy!


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