Atheist Friends

I have a few friends, from various religious upbringings, that describe themselves as atheist. I have had quite a few discussions about religion with these friends, and it has helped me gain some ground on my own beliefs.

When talking to my atheist friends (I don’t mean to make that sound derogatory, I have nothing against atheism) I often ask the question, “How are you sure that there is absolutely no higher power?” Of course, they are not absolutely sure. How could you be?

But this brings up the same question for me. How can I be absolutely sure that God, in one form or another, does indeed exist? It would seem that both atheists and theists have no way of being sure of their position.

In response to that, I’ve decided for now that it is better for my spiritual health to have faith in a god rather than have faith there is none. The problem is, I am not yet ready to say that the Christian view of God is correct, but hey, baby steps right?