Dear Lord Baby Jesus


When you pray, what do you pray for? Is it for the food on your table or the roof over your head? Maybe you pray for your smokin hot wife like Ricky Bobby does in Talladega Nights. We often times pray for things we “want,” and don’t take time to pray for things we take for granted, like our beautiful lives we were given. Instead of praying for “objects,” I believe it’s also important to give thanks and pray to God for your health and the life he’s blessed you with. Some people aren’t so lucky.

When you picture God or Jesus, how do you envision Him/Her? Maybe you ¬†picture Jesus as a little cuddly baby in his manger or even as an all mighty ninja. Either way, the choice is up to you and no one can tell you different because nobody knows for sure what God or Jesus looks like, unless you have seen the man/woman upstairs. If you have, please feel free to share details with me, I’m pretty curious.